Financial Planning

Financial Planning

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Financial Planning is the core service we provide for our clients seeking to build, preserve, or manage their wealth over time. This may include any of the following depending on your current needs and stage of life:

✓ Investment and Tax Planning including Portfolio Management
✓ Cash Flow Analysis
✓ Retirement Savings and Income Planning (accumulation through distribution phase)
✓ Social Security Analysis
✓ Education Planning
✓ Risk Management and Insurance Planning
✓ Long – Term Care Planning
✓ Estate Planning
✓ Charitable Giving Planning
✓ Small Business Retirement Plans (SIMPLE and SEP IRA, 401(k), Defined benefit)
✓ Business Transition Planning
✓ Private Trust Services

Financial planning begins with establishing your goals, identifying strategies to achieve them, plan implementation and review. Through our planning process, we help you itemize your current resources and design a plan to help them work better for you. Of course, a plan is just a plan – implementation and staying on course are key to attaining your goals and we are here every step of the way.


Our Focused Wealth Plan is a complimentary service designed to address a particular area of your financial plan related to education planning, retirement planning or Social Security. The three planning steps include:

  1. Determining your Family Index Number. This number represents the individual rate of return your investments need to achieve over the long term to help you work toward your goals and objectives. We will construct and review a customized investment portfolio to help you reach or surpass your number over the long term with the least amount of risk.
  2. You choose an area of focus (education planning, retirement planning, or social security) and we will create an interactive personalized cash-flow based plan with recommendations that will be stress tested under different market conditions. From there we can determine where your income will come from in retirement and maximize the Social Security benefit options available to you.
  3. After a plan is set, we identify the potential risks in your life, such as disability, long term care situations, and premature death, and discuss the potential impact to your plan and use risk management solutions offered through insurance.


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