Estate, Tax and Philanthropy Planning

Estate, Tax, and Philanthropy Planning

The effectiveness of your financial plan starts with understanding the complexities of the current tax and estate planning laws and how your assets may be taxed during your lifetime and at your death.

Our extensive team of tax experts can provide a thorough review of your tax returns and identify areas of weakness. Proactively, we can make suggestions to help you decrease your current tax liability and maximize your investment growth through tax aware investing strategies. In addition, we will discuss the proper account titling and beneficiary designations to avoid having your legacy disrupted.

Cultivate Wealth’s philosophy is to ensure, through customized planning, that our clients cultivate that which matters most to them. In many cases, our clients desire to gift assets to family members or their favorite charities in a tax efficient manner. A business client may want to sell or successfully transition their family business to a second or third generation with minimum tax implications.

Whatever your situation, we collaborate with your tax and legal team or our affiliate Wealth Enhancement Group to refine the tax, estate and gifting strategies you desire so you can pay less taxes and ensure a transition of your assets to your loved ones, business partners, or charity.

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