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    At Cultivate Wealth, we strive to provide a comprehensive plan to assist you in accomplishing your life’s pursuits. As fiduciaries we have your best interest in mind, which is why we seek to thoroughly understand your financial needs, lifestyle and priorities to ensure a plan that will take you in the right direction.

    Our process takes into consideration your current life situation, your risk tolerance and growth objectives, values and economic factors. Our team will collaborate, create, and implement your financial plan, so you can be sure to live the life you want. And as life happens, we will continue to monitor, evaluate and communicate with you in a transparent way, so you will know your plan is always up-to-date.

    Through a collaborative team approach, we have the resources and years of planning experience to work for you. It’s your life, we make it your plan.

    Who We Serve

    Our firm has been dedicated to the all-inclusive approach to your financial well-being since its inception. Over the years we have helped many households and businesses develop and implement their financial plans while gaining the confidence to live the life they once only dreamed about. Although we service clients with many different financial situations, we believe we work best with those who are in a position to leverage our complete financial approach.

    Typically, these are people who:

    • are individuals, families, women in transition due to divorce or death of spouse, executives, and business owners
    • have limited time but want to be in complete control of their finances
    • have $100,000 or more of investable assets**
    • are interested in a long-term advisory relationship
    • need a trusted advisor who can organize their finances and life goals and coordinate with other trusted professionals

    **What if I don’t meet the minimum asset size? If you fall short of the suggested asset size but fit into any of the other above criteria, please contact our team to set up complimentary consultation. We understand many people have assets tied up in their work retirement plans or have just started to save for the future. Everyone has to start somewhere, and we encourage you to reach out to our team to find out how we can help.

    Let us help you cultivate the life you desire, contact us today.


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