About Us

Welcome to Cultivate Wealth, LLC!

We are an independent wealth management firm based in DeForest, Wisconsin that specializes in providing financial planning and portfolio management services to individuals, families, business owners, and professionals.

Although our name has been updated to better reflect our identity and services, we have been providing exceptional financial advice since 1992. We’re dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service and delivering trust, transparency and accountability to ensure you have a personal experience with your advisor team.

Cultivate Wealth’s mission is to simplify the complex world of investing and guide our clients to financial freedom as their most trusted advisor, so they can pursue what matters.

Contact us today to begin cultivating the life you desire.

Jennifer Homman, Founder and CEO



The value we provide to our clients goes beyond the minimum requirements of ethical standards and practices required by our licenses and registrations. Trusting us with your financial future means, in return, we promise to:

  • Maintain the highest level of CONFIDENTIALITY
  • Operate with FIDUCIARY standards, putting your needs first
  • LISTEN to your needs and concerns
  • To be RESPONSIVE as timely as possible
  • Communicate and EDUCATE
  • Being there for you when you need us most, ACCOUNTABILITY
  • Build LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS and treat you like family
  • To greet you with a SMILE and POSITIVE attitude
  • Continue to strive for additional PROFESSIONAL development
  • To ease your uncertainty and gain CONFIDENCE



We adhere to the following core values:

FOCUS ON PEOPLE-Our team of elite professionals are fiduciary minded, client centered, and have a strong reputation in the industry as well as in the communities for which they serve. You are sure to be greeted with a smile, an attention to service, and a desire to help.

ENHANCED CLIENT EXPERIENCE-We are committed to an exceptional client experience from the first time we meet, through the wealth plan design and implementation process, and ongoing plan review and investment monitoring. Our strategic approach is inclusive to the entire balance sheet to ensure no detail is overlooked. Whether you are just starting out and in the accumulation phase or are nearing retirement and seeking future income, we design a plan for your stage of life. Our hope is you will leave with financial clarity and the confidence to implement your life’s plan so you can spend more time on what matter most to you.

PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE-We are firm believers in making the complex simple for our clients. With over 28 years of combined industry experience, our advisors are committed to having straightforward conversations while providing a personalized financial plan and investment portfolio so our clients can achieve the life they desire.

We are always looking to raise the bar when it comes to providing world class wealth management to the clients we serve. Our wealth advisors utilize our strategic partners, the Wealth Enhancement Group and Investment Committee and Research team, for complex planning needs and portfolio design. In addition, we firmly believe in investing in our team to deepen their knowledge base in several subject areas including: financial planning, education planning, risk management and insurance planning, investment and tax planning, retirement savings and income planning, and estate planning.